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Hidden inside of the famed Bourbon & Branch bar in downtown San Francisco, Wilson & Wilson is detective themed.

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Lured here from Vancouver’s Lumiére—one of the spawning grounds of the BC cocktail revival—to head Seattle’s Vessel, Boudreau soon found himself in the middle of a management shake-up that left him barless. Under the lounge’s ornate tin ceiling, Boudreau’s long, handsome face and black shirt slide back and forth behind the bar, arms flailing maestrolike, as he powers through antiques (Morning Glory, the Presbyterian) and originals (Jerry’s Ruin: spiced rum and hints of cranberry, lime, and cinnamon).

The effect on the bar: “It’s not as packed as it used to be. But those patrons who do flock there—they aren’t drinking appletinis. Cap Hill cocktail cognoscenti, forgive our blabbing.

After my shift ended at p.m., 10-20 friends and I would party together.

One of our favorite watering holes was the Golliwog tavern in the Central area. Then we headed to somebody’s house to talk trash until the wee hours of the morning. So Friday night I went with a detective friend of mine to the Cozy Inn in Culver City, one of her favorite haunts.

" Being craft-cocktail-hipster Northwest foodie snobs, many of the Mozzers are obsessed with dining and boozing to the very best of our ability.

We have weekly beer nights, take out tons of visitors to restaurants and bars across the city and are constantly trying the latest and greatest of what Seattle has to offer.

It had a jukebox and a pool table housed in a dark stale room that promised mystery and perhaps a bit of danger. After tipping a few I could wander out to watch boats make weigh from interior lakes to Puget Sound and see farmed salmon fight their way up a "fish ladder,” in training for the real world.

I don’t remember much about the food, but I can vouch for the pitchers of Olympia beer. In a former life, I worked in juvenile detention at the King County Juvenile Court in Seattle.

From the waterfront (where SMX is held), the distance is a bit greater for the Capitol Hill locations, but still do-able (and so worthwhile).

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