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Predominately most banker chicks that I have been has been Asians and Eastern Europeans who came to US for school and got recruited into doing FO roles at various financial institutions including investment banks, consulting at Mc Kinsey, or Corporate Strategy at Avon/ Tiffany and so forth. I haven't forgotten about American born Chinese (ABC). I have met a girl at Goldman Sachs who works in their Quant group. I need to at least date someone who is at the VP level." This actually happened to one of my best friends. Note: The newest member of King Kong's family is a four month old Pomeranian.

She always wears Chanel, head to toe for every networking events and always give off condescending attitude. Perhaps because these are the things he hears from these typical Wall Street women: 1. That said: Business Insider refuses to call a winner in this debate.

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Of all the guys in the industry, she determined, traders are the best. And that is why WSO user King Kong, an investment banker and self proclaimed "Life and Dating Coach" (it's a hobby — he works mostly with fellow Asian investment bankers), wrote his own post as a response. How can you claim to be independent while expecting men to pay? I have been seeing a few other men on the side whom I find pretty attractive and excited to be with." I knew a couple of banker chicks in NYC, who are doing exactly this.

In it, he described a typical Wall Street girl (from his post): 1. They went to the best high schools in their respective countries. If they were here for their MBA, they went to top notch undergraduates either in the US or in their home countries. They are currently in age between 22-29 with a six figures taxable income (at least 0,000 base plus bonus). They are extremely delusional: they think that their Ivy League education combined with their high paying job place them in a different level in the dating scene. I am independent woman and I expect men to pay for dates and I also want someone who can take care of me, if I choose to be a full-time housewife." This is one of the most common lines that I have heard. They feel that their current boyfriends are beta-males (good providers) while they look for fun with alpha-males.

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