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Or when every site seemed to have a Netscape icon on it?

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In other words, it’s the guests that have often made the show memorable, and over 32 years, they have amused, provoked, frightened, insulted and—yes—flashed Letterman in every possible way.

Below are 10 especially unforgettable guests, musical and otherwise., was Letterman’s first-ever guest on February 1, 1982—so it goes without saying that both stars’ haircuts are a delight to behold.

Before Dylan could retire he had a commitment to fulfill – a 1987 stadium tour with the Grateful Dead.

The series of six shows were set to feature a pair of sets from the Dead followed by a Dylan set with the San Francisco legends as his backing band.

The Edge had viewed the residence while house-hunting with his then-wife Aislinn several months before.

"We decided it wasn't for us, but later I had the idea that the owner might rent it to us to record in," he says in the band's autobiography, U2 by U2. So we set up in this big old Georgian house in the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains, about half a mile from Columba's College where Adam had been infamously expelled."The plan was not completely without precedent.

“I had a chance to strangle Richard Nixon and I didn’t, and I regret it! “And here I am, inches from [Letterman].” The host hadn’t yet learned how to deal with provocative guests, but he had ample chance when Murray appeared on his show 20-something more times.

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Bob returned and began the hard work of rehearsing for the tour.

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He excused himself from the rehearsal and didn’t intend to return.

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