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The Ministry wishes to assure all affected public service employees that this is not true.

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CAA has had limited deployment in the SSL/TLS industry.

The CA/Browser Forum is considering adding a CAA policy to the SSL Baseline Requirements that will require all CAs to respect CAA records.

This directive applied to all Public Sector Employees.

The information to be provided on the form for payments of salary arrears was agreed on after deliberations with the leadership of some Public Sector Unions including GNAT, NAGRAT and Coalition of Concerned Teachers.

Information required included, reasons for delays at all levels and justification for the payment.

Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) Standards A CAA record is a statement in DNS that authorizes a CA or many CAs to issue certificates for a domain name.This stated that the Ministry would pay an initial three months’ salary arrears to beneficiaries, i.e.new entrants, promoted/upgraded and re-engaged/ re-instated staff.And Ed Skoudis' wife will bake her world-famous cookies to share with everyone at the event. DHS Says Attackers Probing US States' Voting Systems UK's National Cyber Security Center HQ Open for Business Apple to Block Trust for Wo Sign Certificates Internet of Things DDo S Code Shared Online Your DVR Is Falling To Attackers Who Try 50 Times Per Hour Google Patches Use-After-Free Vulnerability in Chrome Open JPEG Flaw Patched Dell EMC Management Console Vulnerabilities Fixes Army is Ahead of Other Services in Establishing Cyber Mission Forces Dress Code Trojan Found in Apps in Google Play Store INTERNET STORM CENTER TECH CORNER *********************** Sponsored By Sophos, Inc.************************ With ransomware making headlines for all of the wrong reasons, the pressure is on to put together a top of the line defense.For the Indian economy, this translated into a sizable softening of prices of both raw materials and intermediates.

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