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My dad brought me to a race What is your favorite thing about racing? Who is your […] Name- Evolution Racing (Anthony Mazziotto, Brandon Tullock, , Eziah Davis, Mathew Flemming, and rider coach/ racer Bart De Francesco) Age- 2 Years Old Birthplace- Millville, NJ Residence- Millville/ Pine Beach, NJ Sponsors- Stone Castle Financial, Woodcraft CFM, IPS, Plumbline Construction, Fairfield Inn of Millville, NJ.

NJ Mini GP, Absolute Cycle Experience, Armor Bodies, Adrenaline City Racing, Impact Imagery, […] Name- Sean Koeller Age- 22 Birthplace- Morristown, NJ Residence- Lafayette, NJ Sponsors- Town & Country Cycle Center, Final Moto MX Training, Team Green Kawasaki, Bel-Ray, Troy Lee Design, Spy Optics, Motive Dezign, Exxtreme Mx, Ride Eng., Pro Taper, DCr Your Website- Moto MXTraining Your Instagram- Sean K521 How did you get into Racing?

However the probable subject of the painting is actually the successful Macedonian king Alexander the Great.

He was famed for his intellect, youth and military prowess and, like many soldiers in classical antiquity, revered Athene all of which are represented here.

In December 2014 he was sentenced to four years with two suspended for arson.

Sean Davy has seven previous including for assault and burglary while James Davy has 21 previous including motoring offences, criminal damage, assault and possession of a knife.

His helmet, evoking antiquity, is an invention by the artist - mixing the rear neck-guard of a contemporary cavalry helmet with a brow plate and crest in a style then considered to be characteristically classical.

Who the man in the painting is has been a matter of continuing debate.As it turned out, the exposed part of the house was just a small portion of a large mansion, most of which still lies under the newer construction of nearby houses.Coins found in the Burnt House were issued in the years 67-69, dating the destruction of the house to that period.The oil on canvas masterpiece, A Man in Armour by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (160669) dating from about 1655, is the highlight of the Dutch collection and one of the greatest paintings in Glasgow.With great power and poignancy, Rembrandt has depicted a young man literally weighed down with heavy armour and weapons and appearing to have profound thoughts of battles ahead. This type of heavy calibre flintlock pistol were carried by British and Colonial military officers during the era of the Napoleonic campaigns of the late 18th-early 19th century. We carry in stock the largest selection of genuine antique weapons for sale in Great Britain.

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