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Bonus: he's also in prime position to finger your nipples or clit while you go down (up? Women usually have one side of their vulva that's more sensitive than the other, so choose which leg you'll hold up wisely, letting the other one dangle over the edge of the bed.

He can lick figure-8s up and down the exposed side of your vulva until you spontaneously bust out in Mariah Carey's "Hero".

Lie on your back on the bed with your head hanging off the edge.

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Lay on your sides facing each other, then slide down until his penis is, well, in your face. This position is the best way to give him pleasure without killing your knees or getting a major neck cramp, and you can also get saucy by reaching around to play with his back door.

Try this position if you have trouble staying in the mindset to come.

The key to face-sitting is not actually sitting on his face unless you want to literally have a killer vagina.

Straddle his head and give yourself a light thigh workout holding yourself a couple inches above his face while he goes down on you.

Expect some heavily NSFW acts performed to your pleasure and guaranteed to make you get that release you need. As previously mentioned, when it comes to adult chat sites there are absolutely no limits whatsoever!

Porn videos are pretty amazing but we can all agree that nothing beats the good old feeling of live sex.

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