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"It was part of the Western machismo," says Anne Rinde, the mother."He had it in his mind that all Western men were Mormons and he was going to be one, too. Larry was not the most honest of human beings."Nevertheless, young Robert thrived as a Mormon. He was willing to do anything for anybody."Robert's three brothers seemed to enjoy being in the church as well, says Anne. Robert and his lone biological sibling had a special bond—Robert's first word was his sister's name—but they differed in a critical respect: Religion didn't stick to Kimi Kai.

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We have been on this case for practically 8 months.

So we have been looking at it very closely and trying our best to look at the credibility of the whole situation,” he added. Therefore people who may try to intimidate the process or intimidate the Bishop, they are making a big mistake.

The online conversation — a copy of which was obtained by The Canadian Press — included references to sexual activities some of the five individuals wrote they would like to engage in with Roy, including oral and anal sex, as well as suggestions that she suffered from sexually transmitted diseases.

"Someone punish her with their shaft," wrote one of the individuals at one point.

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Anne-Marie Roy, 24, is going public despite being threatened with legal action by four of the male students, who say the Facebook conversation was private.

Nonetheless, Roy — who received a copy of the conversation via an anonymous email — said she felt compelled to speak out, especially since the five individuals were in positions of leadership on campus.

Roy said she was sent screenshots of the Facebook conversation on Feb.

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