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There have been no published studies, however, that give an insight into the delivery of speech and language therapy to children who stammer using a web-cam.All families who were due to attend the Michael Palin Centre for an assessment or review appointment were offered the option of having the session conducted via Skype.” 28(10), 1471-83Pell, PJ, Mareschal, I, Calder, AJ, von dem Hagen, EH, Clifford, CWG., Baron-Cohen, S, EWBANK, MP (2016), “Intact priors for gaze direction in adults with high-functioning autism spectrum conditions.

Senior Research Associate Dr Michael Ewbank is pleased to consider applications from prospective Ph D students.

MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit [email protected]

There are a huge number of positive uses and potential for using webcams as a tool for communication.

Our advice can help you minimise the risks associated with webcams and video chatting.

This cross-sectional analysis compared results of a convenience sample survey with medical charts.

Participants were older than 65 and from an urban academic hospital's ambulatory geriatrics practice.Be aware that webcam footage can also be recorded by someone and then potentially shared and uploaded anywhere online.Online friendship On some services you may receive chat requests from people you don’t know.Think before you cam Always consider who you are chatting to and what you are sharing with them.Sharing photos or video taken via a webcam can give away personal information.I am also interested in investigating the relationship between individual differences in personality traits and the perception of facial expression and other social signals.

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