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i work today till 10 so that way you'll be back home in time.

I am a real person and am looking to meet up." Days later, Lee followed up on Craigslist: "How about a cop you must (expletives) to get out of being arrested.

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Craigslist sex cams

Besides, in addition to all of your favourite models, you will find thousands of new girls who look forward to meeting you!

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I'm just dumbfounded the type/quantity of replies I got!!

Oh to clarify, ad was something (ROUGH paraphrase) like this: "I'm a late-20's male who is seeking quality, 'romantic' style sex.

And we went to Mc Donald's and ate off the dollar menu..... "I replied to this craigslist girl and now my inbox in flooded with links to transexual grannies blowing donkeys on a live cam.... "I replied to this craigslist girl last week hoping she'd holla back...........

but alas I'm stuck jerking off to those grannies blowing donkeys on a live cam.....

So, last night I decided to try and find a girl on craigslist.

I'm more interested in a romance/sex only approach at the moment.

Many of these have resemblances to type 2 ads, but often look very genuine and too good to be true and if you respond to them you typically get no reply as opposed to an immediate reply linking you to a web cam site.1.

"I went on a date with a craigslist girl and it cost me 70 bucks.

I'm what most consider quite attractive, and would like you to be attractive **in your own eyes**, I like all styles.

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