Control Panels and Panel PCs with push-button extension enable the application-specific arrangement of electromechanical buttons, switches, signal lamps, additional membrane keys and a hand wheel directly on the operating unit.


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Depending on the mounting arm system, the cables are fed through the mounting arm.

The cables for the push-button extension are fed into the mounting arm via a channel on the rear side of the Control Panel.

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In many cases a machine operator control panel is no longer required, since all functions are integrated in the Control Panel.

The Control Panel housing is increased in size on one side.

Suitable for the measurement of liquids and solids in virtually all industries, particularly in the water and waste water sector.

Transducer of PVDF with EPDM seal and integrated temperature sensor for correction of the running time ECHOFOX signal processing with Fuzzy-Logic Adjustment with PLICSOM (), HART handheld or PC (not supplied) Protection: IP66/IP67, cable entry M20 x 1.5, without plug connection Measurement is independent to density, opacity, conductivity or dielectric constant of liquid PLICSOM display/programming unit and clear cover are available separately, see stock nos.: The product detailed below complies with the specifications published by RS Components.

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Compact ultrasonic sensor for continuous level measurement.

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