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And it all culminates in a curse-laden rant by both ladies over Facetime.

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I'm happy that my kids are in some ways more fluent than I am when it comes to tech.

It gives me faith that they will be prepared and innovators in an ever tech heavy world. For those of you who don't know, KIK messenger is a free texting service that crosses platforms (i Touch, i Phone, Android, Blackberry, you name it) allowing anyone to communicate in a chat, or group chat, even without mobile cell service.

Yet, parents who thought their kids were safely asleep in bed were KIKING with abandon (mine, Im sorry to say, included).

To provide direction for Children’s Administration (CA) staff in transferring cases between units, offices and regions in a manner that prioritizes child safety, permanency, and well-being. Ensure children or parents who are citizens of another country are connected to the appropriate consulate.

For those who don't remember, the ladies behind rode hard for Hillary Clinton, even having her make a cameo during a season 3 episode that featured Ilana volunteering for Clinton's campaign.

Releasing this video today makes even more sense in light of Abbi Jacobson's recent comments regarding season 4 of ] in a couple of weeks and we wrote it all in the spring and we had this hiatus. We have rewritten a lot to reflect this change, because it will be a different world as soon as our president is in office."Don't trip, though; it's not like the entire structure of season 4 was changed.

Whether you were a Bernie Bro or riding for Hillary's squad, so many truly didn't believe we would end up here on January 20, 2017.

While Shia La Beouf is trying to make things better via his four-year-long anti-Trump livestream," digital series for Comedy Central.

Provide staff practice guidance about how and when to contact a foreign consul for a dependent child placed in out of home care.

Vienna Convention on Consular Notification - Article 37 Family Centered Approach: The way CA staff engages the family (or fails to engage the family) can directly affect the willingness of the family to work with other members of the department.

We are asking people to help us test our product for free. announces the immediate availability of Kid Track™ , the preeminent software on the market today for allowing parents to monitor their children’s cell phone usage.

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