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Players can choose their own clan and help guide them to victory against the enemy in an intense tournament.

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Type the visual confirmation code shown in the box.

The code typically will be a combination of letters and numbers. Doing this means that you agree to the Yahoo terms and conditions for having a Yahoo account.

So one day you can be tall, slim and blond and the next day you can be petit with black spiky hair and tanned.

One thing you cannot do is change your gender once you have registered.

Yahoo offers a free version, but also offers a premium service for a fee. Click on the "Sign Up" link near the top of the page.

Fill out the registration form by adding personal information that includes your name, date of birth, sex and country. You would have to enter the password a second time for verification.

A neighbor had been talking about starting a business for at least six months. Keep in mind, I'm only talking about setting yourself up to do business: I'm not talking about writing a business plan (although if that's what you want to do, here's a comprehensive guide to writing a business plan), sourcing financing, developing a marketing plan, etc. Many people agonize endlessly over dreaming up the perfect company name. If you're waiting until you come up with the perfect name, you're also waiting to start making money.

So I bet him lunch that we could take care of all that in less than three hours.

Apart from the character customisation options I will cover below you can also create a condo that includes a garden, living room, kitchen, bathroom, games room and garage.

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