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Benevolent slave ownership among African Americans is characterized by the purchase of relatives or friends.For instance, a free African American woman might purchase her husband in order to remove him from the threat of a cruel master.

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Some early historians saw free black slave ownership as positive because it meant that free blacks had the economic and legal ability to own slaves.

In general, there were two categories of slaveholding by African Americans: benevolent and commercial.

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Though anti-slavery sentiments were widespread by the late 18th century, the colonies and emerging nations that used slave labour continued to do so: Dutch, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese territories in the West Indies; South America; and the Southern United States.

After the American Revolution established the United States, northern states, beginning with Pennsylvania in 1780, passed legislation during the next two decades abolishing slavery, sometimes by gradual emancipation.

Despite the popularity of the novel The Known World (2003) by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edward P.

Jones, the phenomenon of slaveholding among African Americans, of black people owning other black people as slaves, has not received widespread attention.

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