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Contact me by phone toll free at 877-753-1247 to discuss your Salt Lake City drug trafficking charge today.At my Salt Lake City law office, this strategy has led to a record of favorable results for my clients, including dismissals, reduced charges and acquittals.

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I am Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer Catherine Cleveland.

At my law firm, I represent people throughout Utah who have had their computers seized and searched because the police suspect them of sex offenses.

Contrary to police best practices, potentially threatening the integrity of the investigation and in possible violation of state law, Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch and a detective made “professional courtesy” calls to Tennessee head football coach Butch Jones about the investigation — a practice Rausch says is common when police investigate alleged crimes involving an athlete at Tennessee.

Courtesy calls from police to prominent individuals and major institutions in a community are common, but typically not done in the initial stages of an investigation.

Many face charges relating to child pornography or chat room solicitation: My clients are often people who were accused of sex crimes and have their email communications used against them.

Others — especially young adults — are accused of “sexting,” sending sexual texts over their cell phones.

It is also normal to want to forget the whole thing or ignore it to see if it goes away. It is critical to take action after an arrest and talk with an experienced Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney about your options. As a Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer, I represent clients accused of felonies and misdemeanors in Utah state and federal courts.

I use more than 15 years of experience as a lawyer to achieve favorable results for my clients.

Many of my clients’ cases begin with a traffic stop on roads like Interstate 15.

Utah police have labeled I-15 as a gang and drug corridor to southern Utah, so they target the highway as a high-intensity drug trafficking area and use federal funds to make more arrests.

Contact me by phone at 801-783-3488, toll free at 877-753-1247 or contact my Salt Lake City criminal defense law firm online to discuss your criminal charge today.

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