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As a result, people around me tend to assume that I'm hetero.


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I'm certainly not the only person in the world to have thoughts on this problem, but in the spirit of discussing issues that junior faculty face, as well as having a meta-conversation, here goes: Very few of my colleagues or students know that I'm bisexual.

Is it because I believe in keeping my "private" life "private"? reference my personal life in casual conversation, and I have a boyfriend.

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In any case, many people would just assume I am a lesbian, and if they met my boyfriend, revert to assuming I'm hetero.

So, I call my boyfriend my boyfriend, and allow others to assume I am hetero, and straight.Now, people are more willing to accept homosexuals.(Read More)In this article, I aim to dispel the biggest bisexual misconceptions and stereotypes, shed light on some new ones, and help to document a sexual identity that is often shrugged off as a “phase,” a “gateway,” “homosexuality lite” or “college.” (Read More)With the advancement of Internet and technology, the online dating websites have grown in multi-folds.They think that any image is going to do, particularly when they might be sending pictures to some 100% totally free bisexual hook up site.If you aren’t sure of exactly what profile photo to go through these web based dating websites, it is much better to learn more about the standards on which ideal image to publish in order to conjure an excellent impression online.Lots of males and females taken part in online dating websites now acknowledge the significance of publishing a terrific image inside their profile page.

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