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Hiten began looking for more opportunities to perform.

Hiten went to Banjara School of Dance to integrate his passion for dance, drama, art and fashion.

The turning point in Hiten’s life was in 2011 when he auditioned as a belly dancer in a popular dance reality show.

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)Hiten SFW and NSFW Headcannons SFW:• The only person he wouldn’t dream of fighting or hurting would be his brother Moten…•He basically wants to fight 24\7….with only strong demons\humans.•He will kill everything from animals to demons…really doesn’t matter to him he just wants to see some blood getting spilled…. It makes him feel empowered and in control.•Scratching and choking is definitely a go for every time he has sex.•Wouldn’t mind adding sex toys in the mix.

Hiten was ridiculed for wearing a feminine costume and for “dancing like a girl.” Talking about his experience, Hiten says: “Judges for the show were prominent Bollywood figures.

As I was performing the judges pressed their buzzer to stop my performance.” “The male judge who was a veteran actor commented on my costume, I was terribly humiliated yet there was one younger judge who said, “I like your belly moves and make- up.” After my performance I was completely numb.

Not fun, not entertaining but yes, it definitely has all the elements it promised to offer - sex, suspense, thrill, obsession, blackmailing and much more.

The film revolves around a story of a con couple played by Patralekha (Ramona) and Gaurav Arora (Sameer), who realise they’ve no ‘adventure’ in their love life and decide to follow a book ‘Love Games’ (that by the way doesn’t really exist in reality).

Bankotsu SFW and NSFW Headcannons SFW:•He’s actually a very cool guy to hang with…that is if he’s a friend.•A very loyal friend…but in a crazy mercenary kind of way.•A good person to go out drinking with…just watch out when both of you get to drunk to properly stand….

NSFW:•Will grab hair and guide you while giving bjs•Big into binding hands behind the head…gives him more access to the places he likes the most.•He’s rough during sex so don’t be surprised about the bruises and bite marks.

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