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It’s a question that clients often ask us at Nanjing Marketing Group.More specifically clients want to know how We Chat (wei xin 微信 in Chinese) can be used for marketing. I want to give you a simple explanation of this very popular Chinese instant messaging (IM) app.

Be sure to print this letter, as I boarded my flight from Air Asia they asked to see my Visa before they let me on the plane. As soon as you leave the airport you will be harassed by several taxi drivers who are going to scam you.

On landing you need to go to the ‘Landing Visa’ and hand them another $45 USD (they only accept $) along with two passport photo’s and your online visa form. Only use Vinasun or Mai Linh taxis as they are the most trusted.

Beware that some taxi drivers have fake Vinasun taxis that are labelled as Vinasune but use a near identical logo and colour.

The safest thing to do is go upstairs to departures and get a taxi there.

Hey guys, I recently went to Hoi Chi Minh for 5 days and I thought I would share some information on this place.

I don’t have enough information to write a datasheet but saw a few things to give people an idea of this city.Visa is pretty simple, just Google “Online Visa Vietnam” and you can get it set up before you arrive.It costs for them to process it and within 2 days you get a letter which you need to print off.These businesses may have seen an ad similar to this one: Soon after you accept requests from these fake users, you start getting invitations to join Facebook fan pages.This is how spammers create artificial word of mouth marketing.A lot of the same people have accounts on different platforms, but it just shows how dominant Tencent are.

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