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Chat with your website visitors in real time to answer questions and alleviate concerns more easily, building relationships with your visitors and helping them become customers.

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Do have fun, but please keep it professional and always be respectful of your fellow community members.

All chat occurs in a room; each room has a defined topic.

When talking in a room, it's polite to stay roughly on topic for the room, as defined by the room owners.

If you find yourself consistently veering into other topics, you should consider taking it to another room.

We offer chatrooms for you and your friends, and message boards for long ongoing discussions.

Our topics cover General Chat, Image Exchange, BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism), Gor related topics, Alternative Lifestyles, as well as a Young Adult section for those not interested in the more adult material.create table tbl ( id int, data image ) go insert into tbl(id,data) values (1,0x0101010101), (2,0x0204081632) go alter table tbl alter column data varbinary(max) go alter table tbl alter column data varbinary(200) go select * from tbl After this conversion, you are surely, get your data backout.NOTE:- Don't forgot to take backup before execution. Every time a customer submits a question when you’re not there, Chatra stores their email to use in your future marketing efforts.In fact, 72% of consumers prefer to receive communication via email. Over 68% of shopping carts never make it to check out. Just cannot get the delete part going) html: I also tried various event, like filepredelete and filedeleted functions, but those events were never called when user hit the delete button.

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