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That 9,635.62 charge may seem like a lot (and it is! My plan was to buy a new pair of shoes to go hiking in so my old ones wouldn’t get muddy. Crazy.) I went to pay for the tennis shoes I'd picked out, and used my Black Card at the checkout.

), but there’s a reason I’m spending that much, which is what I want to explain here: That explanation begins with what American Express calls its Centurion Card but is more popularly known as the “Black Card.”Over the years, I've spent so much with Amex that the company gave me one. You think you can gain access to amazing places, and live an exotic life. Well, I quickly learned that True, some people will look at you differently. When the cashier saw the Black Card, she started flirting.

Money is tricky, but there are a ton of things we can be doing to maximize what we make and spend efficiently. It’s why there’s a plethora of books written on the subject of managing debt, or avoiding it all together.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that most collection agencies aren’t able to claim your tax refund directly from the IRS.

There are only four types of debt for which the federal government will withhold your tax refund or send it to one of your creditors.

Before you accept any new credit card deal, consider these 10 issues.

THE GOOD The major benefit of a credit card balance transfer is that it offers you the opportunity to save big bucks.

Just send me a screenshot of your bill, so I know what kind of expenditures you have.”Now, if he spent as much as he on his credit card, either, let alone $150,000 a month.

Who cares about getting on a celebrity’s level, anyway?Another story: I was at a conference, and an attendee asked me, “Hey, how did you get a Black Card? So, I made him an offer: “Why don’t I give you a Black Card under my account?I spend, like, 0,000 a month, and I’d really like to get one, to bust one out whenever I’m hanging out with celebrities, and totally get on to their level. You pay your portion of the bill, and you can spend your 0,000 a month.State laws commonly allow collection agencies to garnish your employment wages or levy your bank accounts.So, once your tax refund is deposited into your bank account, a collection agency may be able to take those funds.En español | Many folks trying to reduce their credit card debt turn to credit card balance transfers to achieve their goal.

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