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Two good Samaritans found me, bleeding and naked in the sand dunes. At the live line-up I looked at eight men and again picked out Steve Avery.

In the emergency room in the hospital I gave a description of my rapist to the police. I had selected his photo, and his image had become enmeshed with my memory of the real assailant.

I asked the sheriff if he had a suspect in mind and he said, “Yes”. In my mind, Steve was the only person in those photos and in that line-up.

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Photography by Brian Moody In 1985 Penny Beerntsen was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted in a state park in Wisconsin.

Soon afterwards, Steven Avery was convicted of the crime.

The August 21st, 2017 total solar eclipse will be visible from the continental United States, and the crew onboard the International Space Station will have the opportunity to see it as well.

Please check out https://eclipse2017gov/iss-observations to learn what the crew will see from space!

Whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, Labour Party, or Conservative Party, Obama or Bush, no government has a monopoly on creating stupid laws.

Although the bulk of our laws come from the United States, we have a large and growing collection from other countries – Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, and many others.

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