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The first time I read the Song of Songs in the Bible I thought, No. I immediately grabbed a friend's Bible to see if his featured the same book. You have two consenting adults, and neither has made any vow to any other person, so it's not adultery. When it appears that a pregnancy might result, is there rejoicing? The couple's sex life is ultimately a social benefit.

But where does it talk about not having sex if there is no spouse involved? I like to start with Solomon's Song, because it celebrates the whole package of the relationship — initial attraction, exciting emotions, longing, and sexual intimacy — and it connects all of this to the proper context or timing, when "it pleases," a timing that is marked by public approval of the relationship, highlighted by a wedding (chapter 3). I ask these young, unmarried singles, does the community — your friends, family, church — celebrate your private, sexual liaisons? It will produce grandbabies, nieces, nephews, more members of the little platoon of the family.

‘We will simply never tolerate any form of unwanted sexual behaviour and a number of our officers are now working to trace the offender.

‘As part of our enquiries, we are looking to speak with anyone who was on an eastbound Central Line service at this time and saw a man acting suspiciously.

‘In particular, I am keen to hear from anyone who saw a man running off in the direction of Thurlow Gardens shortly after 4am.

‘We are today releasing a CCTV image of a man we would like to speak with in connection to this assault.

They know about the adultery prohibitions, and they agree — you shouldn't have sex with someone who is someone else's spouse. You've "aroused love before its time." There will be pain, disappointment and sadness. The couple's sexual life in the Song of Solomon takes place within the context of a lifelong commitment of marriage, and the community rejoices.

They want to know, where, exactly, does the Bible talk about pre- or extramarital sex, when neither partner is married. A private affair is being forced out into the public and is clouded by shame.

While the exact number of sex workers in the county is unknown, anecdotal evidence from police and other sex workers tell us the numbers are significant.

Kelly’s Line (1-855-4kellys) is an anonymous reporting line sex workers can use to report dangerous customers and access services provided by Our VOICE and other local agencies.

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