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One of the most charismatic musicians of his generation, Mic Christopher had already made a huge impact as lead singer and lyricist with The Mary Janes when he decided to embark on a solo career. I know that because I was studying abroad and it was my first birthday in Ireland.

Baron’s ploy to come between Ella and Julius worked, mostly because Ella and Julius weren’t really together.

(Julius had effectively cheated on her before they were actually going out – something that she had fiercely objected to.

As we saw from the party he threw at his family’s house in the country, Baron was the kind of creep whose approach of being the perfect host was to ply the girls with champagne but not drink himself.

Forcing a steady supply of shots on any boyfriends ensured his seedy intentions had even less resistance.‘You look absolutely stunning this evening,’ Baron smarmed to Ella Willis, whom he had resolved to seduce away from Julius Cowdrey.‘Really? No not really you dummy, we all cried.‘When I’m flirting with you it’s very genuine,’ he assured her, a chat-up line that told us it wasn’t.

Come to your house in a Ford Orion Draw for tool, go on then Yo let me split Devilman's wig a likkle bit 'Cause Devilmans trying to get big a likkle bit But guys in Manny and Brum know you thief your style off Baseman and Trigga a likkle bit My style's strong a likkle bit You can't scare me with Wing Chun a likkle bit Spit two bars, draw for the mash then Tai Omi Ay Wung Sun a likkle bit So don't fuck around, with Junior If you never knew, this is Aftershock's new shooter Sorry, Aftershock's new loser Terror Danjah shoulda sent Bruza You know Skepta, too much charisma Bill up Devilman in a red rizla [Devilman] Yo Skepta the chance of you winning me in this clash right now is reducing I'm gonna make you wish that you stuck to producing And you're not even a good producer And your girl looks like Medusa Basically no man wanna use her Whenever I see her I have to excuse her If you don't believe me ask Bruza Or ask Terror Danjah Basically no make up can change her Skepta you're a prick, you're not major Draw for the 12 gauge or 12 gauger Sum lai wun tai omi ay wong sun Skepta's a battyman I will end your career like Rattyman If you want to take it further, and it's war Chop off your head with a saw I like to see blood and I need some more Eject to the bottom of the floor Wun wun wun mai lung I said shame on Skepta Devilman's burning a flame on Skepta on Skepta I'll write my name on Skepta Skepta's a battyman!

Shame on Skepta I'll put the blame on Skepta Make police find cocaine on Skepta Skepta's a battyman!

[Skepta] Yo anytime you see me wearing a glove Boy Better Now I got the gun in my boxers I don't wanna send Devilman to the doctors I wanna win a MOBO, then go for the Oscars There's only one Bassman So I gotta lick down any impostors Lick off your head like Guinness and Fosters Can't take Skepta Yo and its beef Shine the red beam at his teeth I just like to cause trouble and grief Devilman can't win lyrical beef 'Cause he shitted in school and wiped his batty with a leaf Bare skidmarks on his brief D. Velopment, one big cheek Now he wants to come on Lord of the Mics telling people that he's about beef You just tell tiomi hai wunsen lies Hate tiomi hai wunsen guys They can't even defeat me S-K-E to the P-T, A when you [? Velopment, I get enough crops yeah Gonna let it sink in your headtop instantly like when somebody pops ya When I MC's I get other MC's pissed off like when a bitch drops ya Let me tell you something about Skepta's girl yeah?

] Your lips tiomi hai wunsen dry You can't even defeat me S-K-E to the P-T, A when you [? Yo, yo, she had sex too many times and tore her uterus So she couldn't have kids no more Bet it was the stress on her internal organs They couldn't take the stress no more I'm not impressed no more I don't think that it usually gets pressed no more [?

Go on then, go on then Draw for the mash, go on then, go on then Still wanna clash? Go on then [Devilman] Wow, Skepta Ah wah di rass [?

] I never knew you sucked arse You might as well fuck a duck's arse You don't want me to draw for the ting and make a boy run fast Bust your head with a pint glass About yeah I fucked man's arse, you will never last I heard you feel up mans when they're in the bath Skepta makes me laugh I gave him an ounce of skunk and he thought it was a 4 and a half About £50 for a gram, you get £40 for .8 'cause you took a blast About £50 for a gram, you get £40 for .8 'cause you took a blast [Round 2:] [Skepta] See the level I’m on he wants to reach this 'Cause when I touch mic I’m the deepest I’m the strongest, he’s the weakest I’m on the A-list, you’re still struggling to get up on the C-list Chop Devilman into pieces I’m a showerman, you’re a penis And your whole crew stink like faeces Well now check the remix See the level on they wanna be on 'Cause I'm a star and I shine like neon Lyrically gun a man down like Leon And he’s a battyboy So there's a lot of tings we can’t agree on You got a big tune, put me on I’m on a showerman ting, what's he on?

I'm sure there's some people out there that are dicks but they're dicks to everyone- being a girl is just something different that they can attack. I can't count how many times in TF2 a female voice came on over chat and everyone lost their ! Whenever the players weren't outright misogynistic they were awkwardly trying to flirt with them because OMG GURLZ DONT PLAY GAEMZ.

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