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I used my name, "Mike," because it is one of the most common male names."Smith" worked for my grandparents, who came from Eastern Europe, so I figured it could work for me.

I think there are two instances when I used "Michael Smith" in the work: for a piece in 1994-5 called ITEA (International Trade and Enrichment Association) and for Famous Quotes from Art History (2001/03).

"Michael" seemed to command more respect than "Mike." A corporate officer or an arts program host named Mike just doesn't sound right.

Perhaps you're looking for a new outlet for your kids to work off some of that extra energy, while learning and growing, in a positive and motivating environment.

Maybe you just want to do something amazing, fun, and exciting for yourself because you ARE worth it.

Vessels for the untrained, you could call them, a means to sample life on the water, even if it's only for a mile or two.

Now open Thursday through Sunday and based near the intersection of Cuthbert Boulevard and North Park Drive — at the edge of a gravel-coated parking lot you may have noticed only when it's filled with trailers for racing skulls — Martin's setup is geared to those with little on-water experience.

You'll find no rapids or tricky moves on the Cooper River, an acclaimed spot for high school and intercollegiate rowing meets.

What you will experience is the soft breeze off the water as it flows from Philadelphia.

Why not try a nine foot tall, colourfully apparelled juggling stilt walker?

Stilt Guy Want to animate your event in a really big way?

MK: In the installation you did in 1999 at the New Museum in New York, titled Open House - the work that addressed the gentrification of Soho - was the main protagonist, an artist, "Mike" as well?

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