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I have webcam (Lenovo Easy Camera and USB Video Device (External)) that doesn't detect my PC, but the device is enabled in Device Manager. If I remove the other webcam it still doesn't work though.

I have no idea what causes this, it works the last time I used this but after couple of weeks it doesn't work for some reason. Try to install the drivers from A4 TECH PC Camera H Drivers Download, then reboot.

Whether you are vlogging or casting an epic run-through the arena in Hearthstone, adding a web camera is a sure fire way to improve interaction with your audience.

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If it is not showing anything you could try uninstalling the Integrated Webcam and then rebooting the Laptop and it should re-install the Integrated Webcam.

You would do this from your Device Manager as shown in your screenshot.

Welcome to the XSplit Workshop, a feature series where we provide tips to help you get the most out of XSplit.

One of the most commonly hardware devices used with XSplit is a web camera.

FPS related issues with web cameras Most web cameras come with drivers and software.

The problem is that the web camera software in general tends to suggest that ‘automatic’ modes are always the best. Most web cameras, especially web cameras in the sub 0 USD range, cannot keep stable frame rates if the exposure settings are too high (it can also affect cpu usage).

Here's what it looks like on some programs that needed a webcam. Create first a system restore point so you can undo the installation in case of problems.

EDIT When I open Windows Movie Maker Live and did some webcam thing, it worked! If this doesn't work, in the thread A4Tech Web cam detection problem with win 7 64bit it is said : The given link was to the page Vimicro Products Download Center. Now, make a folder in your Documents and copy paste ALL of the Driver files from their original locations in this folder.

Inputs does it show your webcam there or anything for the Device Properties or Format Settings?

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