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The amendment, proposed by MP Stella Creasy, was picked for a vote later today – and was expected to be backed by some Tory backbenchers.

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“Action to make communities safe, action to make schools safe, an over-arching commitment from all the public institutions to addressing the historical and current inequalities which prevent Northern Ireland from being the society that we all want it to be.” It is one sticking point delaying the formation of a new devolved powersharing government at Stormont.

Mr O'Doherty alluded to the shift in public opinion, on Friday Germany became the latest country to vote for gay marriage. We are the progressive majority and those who oppose us will lose, just like they did every time before.

Northern Ireland’s ban on same-sex marriage is “un-Christian”, an Anglican minister has said at a marriage equality rally in Belfast attended by thousands.

Canon Charles Kenny, who has been a Church of Ireland priest for nearly half a century, said the UK country’s laws on same-sex marriage are just as unjust and un-Christian as the historical sectarian ban on Catholics and Protestants marrying, Addressing the crowds on the steps of Anglican cathedral St Anne’s, the church minister said: “There was lots of lobbying against mixed religious marriages and nowadays we are all embarrassed about that.

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has ruled out any law change however, claiming it wants to defend the “traditional” definition of marriage.

Unitarian minister, Reverend Chris Hudson from All Souls Church in South Belfast also showed his support for same-sex marriage at the protest.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK where same-sex couples cannot get married, despite the Republic voting gay marriage into law two years ago.

Five separate votes have been held on the issue in Stormont, the last of which saw a narrow vote in favour of marriage equality.

They were greeted with massive cheers from the crowds who lined the city’s streets to watch the colourful annual event.

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