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I don’t think I can keep it anymore,” Coe told Daily Mail Australia.The couple also made waves by swiping several other items from the shipyard, Coe said.

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And that’s why sex is often such a disaster in later years.

Most men in their 60s are, like my would-be lover: on buckets of pills for their heart, their cholesterol, their blood pressure.

The shameless horndogs broke into a shipyard in Earlville, snatched a battery charger — and sealed the deal with an X-rated romp, Cairns reported. I was shocked,” said boat owner Will Coe, who spotted the crooks rocking his boat on CCTV footage from November.

Coe worked hard to buy and maintain the 18-foot boat, which he’s now too grossed-out to use, he told the paper.

Defendants Tristan Carlyle-Watson, 26, Kurt Stevenson, 26 and Andrew Waters, 24 have pleaded not guilty to sexual assault and assault charges.

The girl was invited to a house party by Mr Carlyle-Watson on Facebook, according to the Australian Associated Press.

His boat — named Missy — won’t ever be the same, he said.

Hackers (illustrated with a stock image) are able to spy on Samsung Galaxy users because of a software vulnerability.

The alleged gang rape of a teenager was caught on a Go Pro camera, a court has heard.

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