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Once you've made a bit of progress, you'll see a Moonlightt Butterfly perched on a ledge[1].These creatures will not attack you unless provoked, so try to avoid fighting them.This small area packs as much danger per square foot as any section of the game.

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Gloomreach Cavern appears to be an abandoned Corundum mine, as evidenced by the mining equipment and the presence of a smelter.

There are Corundum Ore Veins which can be mined here as well. Withershins, a Restoration skill book, can be found on a barrel where the first Falmer is encountered.

Gloomreach Hive is reached after passing through the upper section.

Following the tunnel leads to a larger cavern with a ramp leading down ending in a fresh water pool with a skeleton and some salmon.

It is divided into two sections: Gloomreach Cavern and Gloomreach Hive.

Gloomreach is unlike most other cave systems, as the explorer discovers shortly after entering.The footing in this area makes it difficult to engage in combat without slipping off.Before you get to the butterflies there's a corspe you can loot to get some humanity, to do this head back a few steps and you'll notice that the falling snow lands onto an invisible platform use this platform to reach the corspe, ok now to the right of the first Butterfly is what looks like a dead end.The uncluttered landscape invites my mind to do the same.The crunch of our footsteps in the gravel lulls me into a meditative trance.Gloomreach is home to a band of the sightless Falmer and their domesticated insectoid Chaurus.

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