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Now living in this sprawling settlement in neighboring Uganda that is home to over 270,000 refugees, she is one of hundreds of survivors of sexual violence who meet regularly to help each other get beyond their trauma.

Gathered under tarpaulins baking in the sun, the women counsel one another and learn skills such as how to build a kitchen stove from clay.

Thirteen such centers focusing on gender-based violence were launched last year by the International Rescue Committee.

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'Horrendous human rights situation': South Sudanese government fighters are being allowed to rape women as a form of payment during the country's two-year civil war (file picture of unconnected fighters)'This is one of the most horrendous human rights situations in the world, with massive use of rape as an instrument of terror and weapon of war, yet it has been more or less off the international radar.' It said Zeid recommends that the UN Security Council consider expanding sanctions already in place by imposing a 'comprehensive arms embargo' on South Sudan and consider referring the matter to the International Criminal Court if other judicial avenues fail.

Dozens of people have been killed and more than 120,000 displaced from their homes in a wave of fighting in Wau, one of South Sudan's largest cities, almost a year after a peace agreement was signed to bring an end to civil war in the country.

The contents of that memory card are to feature in a two-part film by , which commissioned Mr Cox and Mr Hari to report on the impact of illegal migration through Sudan and investigate allegations of Sudanese government attacks on civilians in Darfur using chemical weapons. The militia transferred the pair to the Sudanese Government authorities, who detained them in the notorious Kobar Prison, Khartoum.

Writing in on Wednesday, Mr Cox describes how on the flight from El Fasher to Khartoum, men threatened to throw him off the plane.

All the residential areas in the south and west of Wau are empty."The UN Security Council called on the government to prosecute those responsible for the violence in Wau.

"Attacks against civilians may constitute war crimes and those involved could be potentially subject to sanctions," a statement said.Yet the teenagers in South Sudan military uniforms showed no mercy as they swept in to put down a rebellion, raiding homes and raping women and girls for days on end.The solemn-looking Diko, a 60-year-old widow, escaped unhurt.Sudan Tribune had conducted interviews with some of such prostitutes who told about their sexual life in Southern Sudan, which they said was centered on making money rather than love. Lora William, confirmed that she came to Juba to get wealth through prostitution.“There is no love – only money can make you everything you dream to get in Juba.As they neared the Jebel Marra mountains, the team were kidnapped by a militia in Darfur and held hostage by guards armed with AK47s.

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