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In these divided times, there's one thing we can all agree on: People who talk smack suck.One person who knows this better than most—and sings about it better than practically anyone—is Abir.

According to Austrian intelligence, this form of cybercrime is on the rise across Europe, a phenomena Wayne May, founder of the UK website and support group Scam Survivors which aims to track down scammers as well as offering advice to victims, is familiar with.

May says that the number of people in the UK contacting his website has “exploded” with around 5,000 cases being handled in total in the past three years.

A few hundred euros is typically demanded from victims, and most of the criminals behind the scams operate from outside Austria.

“In a number of cases, a referral of around €200-€300, mainly via Western Union, is required to recipients in North African countries,” Hejl says.

“On its surface," Abir said of the song in a statement, “' Girls' can easily be perceived as a record about being bitter, but what I hope people understand is that it’s actually meant to be a celebration and anthem for young people who work hard and focus on the right things."Adds Mathile: "I wanted the video to reflect..unvarnished truths that her song observes.

That there’s so much more to life than worrying about your image, and there are plenty of young people who are finding the power in being their authentic selves."The buzz behind Abir has been building steadily.Almost 25 years ago I started my new life in California.At the time it wasn't easy for a guy with only 200 dollars in his pocket and lots of dreams.As a volunteer at a care center, kindergarten, or special needs center, you can help provide the extra support that is needed.Every volunteer has something to offer at the Care Project in Morocco, regardless of your abilities or level of experience.The Morocco-born, New York City-based singer is partnering with Complex to exclusively premiere her new video for "Girls," a song that boldly takes on the gossips.

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