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Over time, the company expects the offering to grow to hundreds, and possibly thousands, of shows.It’s hard to overstate how huge video is on Facebook.

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But they were concerned with equating the internet to a real-world public space.

It is a latecomer to the field, following similar moves by rivals such as Twitter, Snap, Spotify and Reddit.

The Supreme Court Will Hear A Major Partisan Gerrymandering Case Louisiana is the only other state with a similar law, but it only applies to those convicted of sex crimes with children.

Kennedy wrote that a more specific law prohibiting contact with minors over social media would be more effective and could still be constitutional. He, Justice Clarence Thomas and Chief Justice John Roberts agreed with the bulk of what Kennedy wrote.

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In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court struck down a law that prevented sex offenders from using social media. Predator, we embed ourselves with police officers as they bust perverts hunting for sex with underage victims.But right now, all over the world there's a growing number of vigilante groups also preying on these so-called predators.The 2008 law from North Carolina sought to prevent registered sex offenders from accessing "commercial social networking" websites, like Facebook, that allowed minors to create accounts.And it was a Facebook post that landed the case in the high court.Farah Nasser speaks with Perrier about her experience and the York Regional Police announcement.

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