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, Michael Peterson pleaded guilty to the charge of manslaughter through an Alford plea. This hearing today is as close to justice as anything that can be found. Candace Zamperini testified: "Michael said 'I came up the stairs' I think to get towels, and then he looks back down and said she fell down the whole staircase." It was a monstrous lie that Peterson held on to for 16 years.

Judge Hudson sentenced Peterson to 64 to 86 months in prison and gave him credit for the 89 months he has already spent behind bars. Michael Peterson spent over a million dollars for a legal defense that ended with hearing 'guilty' as the verdict. Now, Peterson has finally agreed to plead guilty -- at least to voluntary manslaughter.

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He'd met her two years earlier as a quiet, sweet voice on Channel 1. I don't know," Chris answered, as he grabbed his jackknife from the holster on his belt and slit the box open.

Cyndi was now in the 11th grade, a year ahead of Chris, but she attended school in Whitehall, the next town over. Inside was a slightly smaller box made of styrofoam."Well, it's probably a bomb, then," Cyndi joked.

In May, 2003, the woman brought computerized printouts of the conversations she had had with the defendant to the police department in North Andover, where the defendant claimed to live. It does not require guesswork to determine whether any given words or gestures-whether they are communicated orally or in writing, in person or through electronic means-viewed in context will fit within the meaning of these terms.

A North Andover detective contacted Detective John Mc Lean of the Medford police department. It requires no elaborate discussion to “conclude that a person of ordinary intelligence would properly be on notice” concerning the prohibited conduct.

Child rapist/kidnapper given 14-year federal term for possessing child pornography February 21, 2012 "In the 1960s, doctors at a California state mental hospital said convicted child kidnapper/rapist Douglas Roth was a pedophile and danger to the community. He said Roth’s urges to view images of children being sexually abused were obviously “irresistible” and Roth knew how to navigate through the criminal justice system...." and "...

I find it outrageous that it took a child porn charge to finally lock him up for good. Jones said Roth is still a danger to the public, and sentenced him to 14 years in federal prison for possessing child pornography.

__On the afternoon of March 19, 1998, a UPS driver named Armand Gevry delivered a cardboard box to the pea-green house at 3 Washington Street in Fair Haven, Vermont.

Gevry lives two blocks away, and when Sheila Rockwell opened the door, she recognized him as the deliveryman who often brought shipments of citizen's band radio equipment to her son.

Chris Marquis was talking on his new Ranger RCI 2990 radio with his girlfriend, Cyndi Mc Donald, when his mother brought the package into his wood-paneled bedroom.

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