For, just to his left, appears Sasha Grey, who is wearing rather fewer clothes, something that feels slightly sexist.Naturally, the organization wants to use all the sexual triggers it can to lure you into its always recondite message.

PETA has also launched other shocking campaigns in recent months.

One ad spot compared human abuse to the silent suffering of fish, explaining, "Fish feel pain and fear, and they suffer enormously when they are impaled, crushed, suffocated, or cut open and gutted, all while they're fully conscious." The organization also recently sued Sea World in an attempt to free the animals "from enslavement for human amusement." The case was dismissed by a judge.

As well as having all his hard-earned income confiscated, Xie was also slapped with a 20,000 yuan (£1,350) fine.

China has mounted a major crackdown on adult websites,with officials claiming that the rampant increase in online porn is damaging the moral fabric of the nation - and young people in particular.

Last month, fellow adult outlet x Hamster was found to be serving up a Flash file that exploited a zero-day flaw via a malicious advertisement.

Researchers also uncovered a massive malware operation that had spread by way of compromised porn sites.PETA knows how to raise eyebrows: The animal rights group's memorable campaigns have included everything from celebrities posing nude in protest of animal fur clothing to scantily clad women having an erotic moment with their vegetables to support veganism.Now, the group has pulled out all the stops by launching, a site featuring adult content and animal rights messages, all in one place.Had the attack succeeded, Malware Bytes says, a trojan, which included an ad-serving browser plugin and tools to collect the victim's personal information, would have slid balls deep into the Windows PC.The website has been licked clean of the code, and a (purely educational) visit to the site did not turn up any alerts to malicious activity.Welcome to the favourited section of the Porn 7 XXX website, a place where you will find some of the most loved porn videos available on the site!

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