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“The degree to which Trump has slumped is the degree to which Bernie has lost his bargaining power and Hillary is going to do whatever the hell she wants.”In a video address posted on his campaign website Thursday evening, Mr. Clinton but stopped short of endorsing her, attempting to strengthen his bargaining power at the party’s July convention in Philadelphia.“Election days come and go. Clinton has said she’d sign a federal -an-hour bill if certain conditions — such as a gradual phase-in period — were included, making the issue a centerpiece of her economic platform would ingratiate her with progressives. Clinton merely has said she’d institute tougher regulations on the practice — which she said could get to the same goal. Clinton also could make Social Security expansion a more prominent part of her domestic agenda.

Sanders acknowledged that his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination was coming to an end, but vowed that his far-left political revolution would continue. But political and social revolutions that attempt to transform our society never end. Clinton, he beseeched them to remain true to the cause and keep pushing his agenda for a minimum wage, for free college tuition, for breaking up Wall Street banks and for an illegal-immigrant amnesty. Clinton decide to tweak policy positions though, there are several appealing areas. Clinton has supported a -an-hour national standard, while Mr. After extensive pressure from the Sanders campaign, Mrs.

440.237.9191 X1 The Driving Range at Valleaire is a grass teeing area.

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Accomodating party

If tables and chairs are still a tight fit in your cleared-out living room and you're not having a formal dinner, consider going Moroccan-style, Sharon says.

Set out stackable plastic milk crates or electrical wire spools and top them with a table round (you can find an old beater at a flea market, a restaurant supply store or a catering company).

They continue every day, every week and every month in the fight to create a nation of social and economic justice,” Mr. Clinton earlier this year promised to oppose any and all cuts to the entitlement program — a move progressives hailed as a major victory.

Her platform calls for expanding Social Security “for those who need it,” but she hasn’t zeroed in on entitlement expansion in the way Mr.

We have kept budget conscious planners in mind when we created our “BUDGET BUSTER MENU” to help you provide a great meal and experience at the right price.

Haggin Oaks provides two great locations for over 300 of your closest friends and family.

"We wanted to include a lot of our friends for dinner, but I was concerned because we had nowhere to seat them.

I ended up converting my living room into a dining room, my kitchen became the buffet, and the dining room housed desserts and drinks." If you're having a formal dinner, you need space for chairs and tables, plus walking room all the way around. Sharon moved most of her living room furniture to the garage (see next tip) and rented six-foot tables, nice fruitwood chairs and linens to create a new dining area.

But Clinton supporters say the former first lady must walk a tight rope between courting hard-core progressives and turning off moderates.“I think she will need to find ways to find common cause on policy with Sen. Indeed, the Democratic Party insider told the Washington Times Mrs.

Clinton now is “going home” to her “neoconservative ways” and no longer is interested in chasing the affection of Sanders-supporting liberals.“Everything in the Clinton campaign is driven by polls,” said the source. The former secretary of state has vowed to invest heavily in clean energy if elected president, but she doesn’t support an outright ban on the oil-and-gas drilling technique known as fracking. Sanders supports a full ban on fracking, while Mrs.

Tara Wilson, president of Tara Wilson Events, says: "If you have rooms or areas of your home that you don't want your guests to access, find a way to silently but beautifully convey the message.

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