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He settled on the south side of Lamoille River, on the farm now owned by Ephraim BISHOP. The said Daniel BAILEY was the first representative of the town -- Was born Jan., 1748; died Sept. '08 and '09; Samuel CHURCH, in 1810; Daniel READ, in 1811, '12, '14, 15,'16 and '20; James ROBINSON, in 1513; Joseph H.

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From Burlington there was no road; but he found his way by marked trees, and settled on the farm now occupied by his grandson, George M. His children were Jonathan, Lemuel, [Who was the first male child born In Fletcher.] Seth, Levi, Abigail, Anna, Emily, Jefferson and next inhabitant was Dea. His children were Haynes, Jonathan, Nathan, Achsah, Philip, Betsey, Sally and Polly.

Peter THURSTON; but where he was from is not known to this writer. The men were prominent business-men in town, and large land-owners. SAFFORD, Esq.lijah DAILEY was appointed constable at the organization of the town in 1790, and Elias PALMER, in '91; Peter THURSTON, in '92; Levi COMSTOCK, in'93; Samuel KINSLEY, in '94; Reuben ARMSTRONG, in '95; William THOMAS, in '96; Haynes BAILEY, in '97 and '98; Reuben ARMSTRONG, in 99; Nathan BAILEY, in 1800; John KINSLEY, in 1801; Jonathan HAYNES, in 1802; James ROBINSON, in 1803; Ira SCOTT, in 1804; Joseph HOLMES, in 1805 and '06; Elias BLAIR, in '07.

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Goddard College is an accredited private liberal arts college located in Plainfield, Vermont, Port Townsend, Washington, and Seattle, Washington, offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

All names presented here were gathered at a past date.

Some persons listed might no longer be registered sex offenders and others might have been added. by the Lamoille 'River -- the south end being very area is estimated to be 24,040 acres. LEE-worked one season -- put up a shanty, and returned to Deerfield for his family -- and the next fall, which was probably in the year 1788, with his wife and 4 children, began a wearisome journey through the wilderness to find their new home in Fletcher. Here they encamped for the night, and FULLINGTON, finding a yard of turnips near by, had the imprudence to eat one in a raw state, which induced a violent bilious cholic -- and there being no medical assistance to be had, he died in a few hours. -- commenced clearing the farm now occupied by Loren C. Whatever befell them on their way, until within the limits of Johnson, on the Lamoille, is now unknown to the living.It is the policy of the VSC that, upon learning that an act of sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking has occurred, prompt and appropriate remedial action reasonably calculated to stop the misconduct shall be taken.Disciplinary sanctions for any member of the VSC community engaging in conduct prohibited under this policy includes the suspension or dismissal/expulsion of students, the suspension or termination of employment or other appropriate disciplinary action such as warnings, reprimands and educational sanctions, as well as possible referral for criminal investigation and prosecution under Vermont law.Reporting: The VSC encourages, and in the case of its employees requires, the prompt and accurate reporting of sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

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