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Even till now, there is still no final answer to where she will land.Recently, from many sources, it is found that Alec Su's manager Amy Chen has been doing much of Ruby Lin's work and is very likely her new manager.

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However, it seems that Ruby has officially broken that promise on Friday, when she announced to the world that she has been dating her longtime friend, 36-year-old Wallace Huo.

Netizens joked that Wallace was relentless in not giving his good friend, Alec, an opportunity to pursue Ruby.

My Fair Princess was highly popular in East and Southeast countries; launching Lin as a household name in Asia.

She followed the success with other hit series including The Duke of Mount Deer (2000), Romance in the Rain (2001), Boy & Girl (2003), Affair of Half a Lifetime (2004), Beauty's Rival in Palace (2010), The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (2011) and The Way We Were (2014).

However, at the beginning of January this year, their friendship finally blossomed into romance.

The couple made the dating announcement on May 20, delighting many fans.

Ruby said she accepted the role solely on hearing Mag was writing this drama, which goes to show how much clout she has in landing the top acting talent to her works.

Filming begins this May with a fall air date, and the My Boy in the titular drama title will be played by rising young actor Derek Chang, who at 24 years old is a whopping 17 years younger than Ruby so you go girl!

Wallace wrote on social media, “I hope to receive everyone’s well wishes” and tagged Ruby in the post. Ruby had previously dated Jimmy Lin (林志穎) and director Stanley Tong (唐季禮), while Wallace’s only publicly acknowledged relationship was with Joe Chen (陳喬恩).

Ruby wrote, “It turns out happiness was this close by! It was reported that Wallace first fell for Ruby while filming 2006’s .

Lin originally planned on going to the United Kingdom to study after high school graduation, never considering the prospect of an acting career.

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