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Data source components offer an alternative to the classic ASP.

NET binding model based on a programmatic and explicit binding between enumerable data and the Data Source property of data-bound controls. NET 2.0, all data-bound controls support data source components for fetching, but only a few of them are designed to use data source components for other operations such as insertion, deletion, and update.

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As a developer, you can control any HTML markup that the control outputs, without being bound to any predefined schema such as a form or a grid view. NET, the List View is designed to leverage an external component for paging and sorting.

This component is the Data Pager control added in ASP. The List View is currently the only control aware of the data pager standard interface.

You can notice that I am passing a parameter in this method called sort Expression.

After getting records into Data Table, I am sorting it based on the sortexpression passed to this method.

If you are learning asp: List View control while reading this article, you may copy-paste code described here.

I have also provided downloadable code, please feel free to download and use it.Introduction As we all know usage of Eval and Bind methods can be expensive.Controls that use this method with Data-Binding Expression are Grid View, Details View, Form View, Repeater and List View.Above code will bring the List View look like following provided you have same records as mind :), Just to look it better, I have used some css, you can find complete code including database in the download above.To demonstrate solution of frequently asked questions in List View, I have created a small database having a table named Details. Throughout this article, I will use the same table.After we call Data Bind method Item Data Bound event is fired.

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