Assessment of stability test methods for self consolidating concrete club dating usa

This helps the SCC to satisfy the performance requirement in the field, such as giving a smooth surface finish, encapsulate the reinforcement without blocking of aggregates, etc.Because of the material performance in its fresh state, the existing testing methods for conventional concrete are no longer suitable for SCC.

assessment of stability test methods for self consolidating concrete-35

5.2 The method is useful for rapid assessment of the static segregation resistance of self-consolidating concrete during mixture development in the laboratory as well as prior to placement of the mixture in the field.

Test Method C1610/C1610M for static segregation of SCC is not sufficiently rapid, and the non-mandatory Visual Stability Index as determined through the procedure described in Appendix X1 of Test Method C1611/C1611M is highly subjective and qualitative.

After spreading ceases, two orthogonal diameters of the concrete patty are measured.

The slump flow is the average of the two diameters.

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The RILEM technical committee, TC 174-SCC (Self-Compacting Concrete), ASTM Subcommittee C09.47 (Self-Consolidating Concrete), ACI Committee 237 (Self-Consolidating Concrete), and TRB Committee AFN10 (Basic Research and Emerging Technologies Related to Concrete) are good examples.

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