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Let me introduce myself, raise them beers, Suffa MC, been doing this for more than ten years, Ever since I was a youngster, I brought the funk for, The love, and for the party people to get drunk to, Since back in the day we’ve been the major crew, When I step on the stage it’s like déjà vu, Years of performing, years of practice, Respect from my peers, my girls tears on the mattress, Every time that we went on tour, And she was left behind feeling insecure, But she needn’t worry; I wasn’t chasing a girl to rock right, I was chasing the warm glow of a spotlight, City after city, state to state, We were just three mates rocking beats and breaks, So if you made it to a Hoods show to check the style, You get much respect, you made it all worthwhile. This is recreation, set your station, and get your place in, A comfy seat, pump this beat, Pressure will set the occasion, For your entertainment I work hard on my flows, This scene is full of falling MCs I wear hardhats to shows, And every Hip Hop head’s a critic, cos some hit the stage hard, But couldn’t get these assholes open at a gay bar, It’s a comedy festival; they’re so unintelligible, Can’t work out if they got peas for brains, or they’re just vegetables, It’s sounds pathetic as me being anorexic, I do damage like a paralytic, paramedic with no anesthetic, Girls shake my hand, guys want to hug me it’s a worry, If I forgot your name I’m sorry, you’re probably pretty ugly, I’m scared of getting old, so when it comes D-Day, I’m a thank you all for dissing me, then say something clichéd, And when I’m dead and buried I want you in ‘Life Be In It’ shirts, At my cemetery singing… This rowdy crowd of MC’s and DJ’s know how to pound beats, Like pigs with flat feet and crap leads walking down backstreets, So much work went into this the linear notes are fact sheets, Like Black Sheep I’ve got two words for those who slept, No respect. Best to beware, My plans to find your weak points, then what?Let me introduce myself, raise them beers, Pressure MC, been doing this for more than ten years, It’s been a long road I’m glad I stayed on track, A dream of making raps, and getting played on wax, It seems that faking jacks want to cause my demise, Along the way wouldn’t give me play but couldn’t stop the course of my rise, Now of course the sky’s the limit, we fly get with it, You ain’t underground, that’s because you dig it, It took infinite skills and hard work to get this far jerk, Look me in the face, now I’m the one who wears a smart smirk, It wasn’t all negative, took the good with the bad, Us falling will never happen, like catching the Hoods in drag, In orderly fashion I’m thanking those who supported me, Wouldn’t be where I’m standing if they hadn’t have fought for me, From a nothing rep, now we live busting sets, So if you own a Hoods album you get nuff respect. Hilltop Hoods and we’re coming up, So step on up if you’re dumb enough, Hilltop Hoods and we’re coming up, So step on up if you’re dumb enough. Get up in there, Attack your mind with the fine rhyme when I find time, It’s a fine line that you’re walking if you talk on that grapevine, Can’t waste time, need to take on the job at hand, Got skills for this profession typical Certified Wise man, From sky to land, I’m overcoming all your schemes and plans, So take cover as I rain thunder upon you man.Evidence, even false evidence, beats the truth if truth has no evidence." Or words to that effect. Sadder: a broken person just walked out of my office. Guys, a case is only as good as the evidence that backs it.

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So, we decided to put together this guide to the fictional life and times of Charlie Parker…

Now a tough private detective, Parker was once a cop with the NYPD.

For many years I was seeking asylum, in the bleakest environments, Rhyme possessed me, while many started speaking retirement, So as I rose they all fell in the fashion of yelling and trashing, For what it’s worth there was no quelling the passion, Their love was dead, I was writing papes but getting fuck all said, So I polished my shit until my knuckles bled, Treading thin ice and all I caught were chills, Sacrifices were appetisers, mics instead of meals, This hand was mine, so I played it until I made it expand my mind, And burned my name into the sands of time, Then rhyme gave me strength to less avail, Got used to these backstabbers, so now I sleep on a bed of nails, I never fail, but turning tides are moving too slow, I swam the depths of every ocean just to prove I could flow, So from the cradle to the grave, turntable to Holy Father, I swear I didn’t slit my wrists I got the Hip Hop stigmata. Hilltop Hoods and we’re coming up, So step on up if you’re dumb enough, Hilltop Hoods and we’re coming up, So step on up if you’re dumb enough. I arrange certain words amongst silence, To be heard in abundance while MC’s face redundance, Stereo speakers exceed beyond specifications Through extended noise generations, Let’s cut the conversations to a small chat, why’s that?

You got to pray to Hip Hop almighty, We bless the microphone nightly, Open up the lyric from inside me, It’s our calling that’s why we say, You got to pray to Hip Hop almighty, We bless the microphone nightly, Open up the lyric from inside me, It’s our calling that’s why we say… Withers) Produced by Suffa for Suffering City Productions & DJ Debris for take away productions. From the hilltops in the Andes, to the Rockies in Canada, We infecting mics like Tommy did Pamela, They gassed in the head, that trash you said was pure jealousy, Like ‘Left Foot, Right Foot’s an invitation to step to me, You’re losing you footing, you need some Velcro on them Shell toes, In fights I’m throwing rhymes, in rhyme fights I’m throwing elbows, I move a crowd like stolen goods, so try and get a hold when, You couldn’t move your shit with a diarrhetic colon, I already told them, the hills are impassable, impossible, If the truth hurts; this rhyme will put you in hospital, Break it down like a molecule, we burning like fossil fuel, I’m something of a phenomenon – I’m phenomenal, These rappers they don’t wanna fuck with Suff, You better turn off your mic, unless you’re dumb enough, Cos we’re running up on stage from night until the sun is up, So run amok you’re with the… I’m busy trying to react to the high-hat, Blockade and Certified stand tall above ridiculous under-achievers, And constant non-believers.

This be calling, we could never be fake, Thanks to Hip Hop I got a bed in every state, And without it I’d roam the city with no purpose, Without the underground I’m a clown without circus, I flip verses, you feeling me? Hilltop Hoods and we’re coming up, So step on up if you’re dumb enough, Hilltop Hoods and we’re coming up, So step on up if you’re dumb enough, Hilltop Hoods and we’re coming up, So step on up if you’re dumb enough, Hilltop Hoods and we’re coming up, So step on up if you’re dumb enough. I’m on stage with a handful of Panadol’s handing ‘em out, Cos of the head throbbing from the head nodding, And we about putting you out for the count like mic check, You ain’t gonna get Certified respect, So hide your decks, your mics, I might blackout, In a cipher and I’ll still take the title, The name’s Sesta, I snatch an ‘L’ plate and slap it on your forehead, With more force than porn sex.

Abilities, My currency with which I buy credibility, Facilities were built just to be torn down, Till the wheels fall off, and my pencils all worn down, Till death comes to collect his debt, I’ll wreck the set, When heads check in retrospect, I’ll get respect, Cos I did what I was called to do, It’s Hip Hop, I did it all for you, We true to this, got clout on turntables getting played, We doing this without a label not getting payed, So from the cradle to the grave, microphone to retirement home, I’ll be on stage; I’ll never leave the rhyme alone. I once had time on my hands, but now handling time, Is coping with this life cycle and the mandatory grind, My sanity’s fine, just falling short of stamina I’m, Searching for some food for thought to feed this famine of mind, And when I’m stagnant I rhyme, it helps the night turn to day, I churn my way through this nine to five and urban decay, Believe me it’s bleak, and though the city breathes in its sleep, It’s just a paddock, ain’t no where a shepherds leading these sheep, Now most prefer a covered up lie than the truth naked, The truth is ugly like cellulite; please don’t publicly parade it, I hate it but to escape it would be luck on fluke, I feel like I’m a dope beat but I’m stuck on loop, But that’s my life cycle; freedom means everything to me, And face value’s got us believing everything we see, So if our eyes tell us lies the truth is we’re blind, So keep on walking straight and narrow down illusionary lines. It’s the Hoodhist monks with the Certified MC’s, I make you nod your head like Parkinson’s disease, So stand at ease but don’t step to our clique, I’ve got a hundred metronomes just waiting to go sick, So take your pick, but not the axe or the shovel, After hours I make beds rock like Barney Rubble, It’s kinda subtle, the way that my flow pours, And leave your ears up shit creek without a Funkoar.There aren’t any, and the Charlie Parker books all offer solid and original mysteries. Parker’s bloodstained past has turned him into a man for whom evil is not just a philosophical concept, but a palpable presence.As he himself says, “I have learned to embrace the dead and they, in their turn, have found a way to reach out to me.” Some of Connolly’s malign forces sometimes have more than a whiff of David Cronenberg’s Body Horror about them, while at other times there’s more than a hint of the ghost stories of the great English writer MR James.There’s only a few: Chance, Kendrick, the Pro Era Crew, Joey Bada$$, J Cole.There are definitely a few out there who can pull it off.” In addition to celebrating the anniversary of People’s, Phife is working on a nine-song solo EP called Give Thanks, as well as a full-length called Muttymorphosis, both slated for 2016. "I wasn’t at a lot of the sessions on the first album.And so I am probably going to disappoint myself and several other people with what I am going to write about the Kumasi Delta discharge.

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