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' But she's, like, supersensual—it actually ended up looking really cool. But [my character] wasn't even hot, which was so fun.She had a little belly—it would hang out, and I wouldn't care.""We were both really nervous.Really, it was painful, that hairstyle, but wearing a corset makes me keep my shoulders back, so that was good.

Breslow, Freiman, Marquis, Schwimer, and Youkilis are the sons of two Jewish parents. The other three players came from moderately religious Jewish homes.

In last year's round-up of major leaguers, posted in April, 2012, I noted that Youkilis had just wed Julie Brady, then 30, the sister of Boston Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady, now 35. Kinsler, so far as I know, was raised secular and remains secular.

So, Keaton and De Niro need to pretend to be married just for the weekend of the wedding. Of course, “the heart of the matter” is Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro doing it on the kitchen table, most likely.

Still, it looks like a fun movie that I'd drag my girlfriends to.

Here's the quick lowdown: Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro divorced when he left her for Susan Sarandon.

In the intervening time, their daughter Katherine Heigl took Mom's side, while their adoptive son Ben Barnes sided with Dad.The couple, who wed in a civil ceremony, just celebrated their first anniversary. Braun, Feldman, Fuld, and Kinsler are the sons of Jewish fathers and non-Jewish mothers. I had a couple Jewish friends who were jealous of everybody. Davis is the son of a Jewish mother and a non-Jewish father.Braun, who was raised secular, and remains non-religious, has come to strongly identify as Jewish during his time in the major leagues. While he was raised secular and remains non-practicing, he has come to really embrace his Jewish side while playing in heavily Jewish New York City.I explored that development in some depth in my 2012 round-up. On March 24, 2013, the New York Post did a long interview with Davis entitled "Mets Slugger Embraces His Jewish Roots." The interview, which is well worth reading, begins: Ike Davis' favorite greeting to those who enter and leave the Mets clubhouse is "shalom" — a Hebrew expression for both hello and goodbye.Feldman, as I noted last year, was raised mostly secular, but his family did belong to a San Francisco Bay Area synagogue for a time. Obviously, because of the way Christmas is, it's a favorite over Hanukkah. It is a word Davis often uses to greet teammates, reporters and almost always team COO Jeff Wilpon [who is Jewish}.Now that Barnes is getting married to Amanda Seyfried, he finds out that his biological mother has spontaneously decided to leave Colombia and be there for her son's big day.

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