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A tug of war is under way for possession of doomed flight MH17's "black box" recorder amid reports the device, which could provide the key to the crash investigation, has already been sent to Moscow.

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The news service Interfax reported that rebel Russian separatist forces in Ukraine had already found the black box and agreed to give it to a Russian-run regional air safety authority.

Andrei Purgin, the self-styled deputy prime minister of the separatist Donetsk People's Republic, told Interfax: "Of course, we most likely will give them (the recorders) to the Interstate Aviation Committee, to Moscow.

High-level experts, who will be able to determine exactly the reason of the catastrophe, work there." Whoever has access to the black box will have control over the information from the last moments of the flight, and they could prevent impartial investigators from analysing it.

Russian radio station Kommersant FM also reported that the black box was on its way to Moscow.

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