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This presentation examines the scientific data of “screen addictions“, FOMO, as well as the newest research of neuroplasticity; regeneration of brain tissue produced from meditation and relaxation.

Presentation Learning Objectives: At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to: Over fifty percent of Americans claim to suffer from poor quality of sleep.

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It seems like every single wildly successful transformational/motivational/spiritual speaker/author I’ve ever encountered has a story to tell about the awful time in their lives when they were homeless, sleeping in an alley/bus-stop/car/empty field, washing their clothes in a Denny’s bathroom or their hair with the 7-Eleven soda machine (discreetly).

They were either cracked out, drunk, disorderly, abused and rejected, or sober but fat, sick, broke and utterly despondent.

He is Brian Wilson, arguably the most important composer in American pop history.

Self-taught, deaf in one ear and plagued by voices that tell him he is about to die, he produced one stunning hit single after another.

In our rapidly changing world, stress has become ever so invasive in our lives; Information overload, changes in technology, information processing, social networking, and global economic dynamics affect everything from our sleep patterns, work habits and eating behaviors to communication styles and exercise habits; all of which affects health and productivity.

This presentation offers wisdom, insights and practical life skills for both personal growth and professional development.It’s a beautiful story, one I’m sure is often mostly true.Fortunately, you don’t have to be homeless to experience authentic transformation.Like every other southern Californian with a taste for oldies (and there are a lot of them - it is always 1968 or 1976 somewhere in California) he sets the dial to K-EARTH 101 and hears the DJ boom, 'The sound of the Southland! The 'sound' and the Southland itself owe their souls to the driver of this sleek sedan.That song curling out of the speakers is California Girls and the driver of the car came up with the chords in less than a half an hour - after taking fact, in their stories, something always does seem to die in their car, on the doorsteps of the homes they were just evicted from, or in that Denny’s bathroom at 4am: their former selves who embraced extremely low standards – or no standards – for their lives.

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