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Dopo avere frequentato le scuole superiori, inizia la sua carriera da modello nel 1998, incoraggiato dalla madre, apparendo in varie sfilate di moda, ma anche in campagne pubblicitarie per Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Versace e Guess, di cui è il testimonial per due anni consecutivi (1998-1999).Poco più tardi, decide di dedicarsi alla recitazione, altra sua passione.

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Updated June 18 KST: BLACKPINK has revealed individual teasers for the remaining members, Lisa and Rosé! Updated June 17 KST: After dropping a teaser for Jennie, YG has already released a teaser image of Jisoo as well!

Updated June 16 KST: YG has dropped Jennie’s first individual teaser for BLACKPINK’s comeback.

Updated June 21 KST: With just over a day left until BLACKPINK makes their long-awaited comeback, the group has released a new behind-the-scenes preview for their “As If It’s Your Last” MV, which is set to be released on June 22 at 6 p.m. Fans will be able to hear a little bit more of the group’s upcoming title track playing in the background of the video and also see parts of the choreography for the track. Updated June 21 KST: BLACKPINK has dropped a new teaser image which reveals the group’s plan to hold a live broadcast on V LIVE following the release of their upcoming track “As If It’s Your Last”!

Updated June 20 KST: BLACKPINK has dropped their music video teaser for “As If It’s Your Last”! Updated June 19 KST: BLACKPINK has revealed their comeback title track to be “As If It’s Your Last”!

Nina Dobrev has participated in a very interesting interview with Erik Davis of entertainment publication Fandango in which Nina has really shined a spotlight on some intriguing details regarding what we can expect from Flatliners in addition to new film stills that Nina features in pretty much all of them which is certainly a positive looking ahead to her amount of screen time.

Nina commented on her character’s motivation, “Marlo is an ambitious young woman who is an overachiever in some ways. She’s very, very smart and wants to be top of her class.

It’s a little more based in reality, in terms of the medical side. He played a different role in the [1990 Flatliners]; he’s not reprising that role here.

I’d call it a psychological thriller with a bit of a twist at the end.” Nina gave some clarification to fans of the original film about Kiefer Sutherland’s role, “He plays a professor in the film, and we’re all residents and medical students. It’s a little bit different.” You can read Nina’s entire interview including what she thought of the first trailer, her fellow cast members, what her hopes are for audience reaction and more besides, accompanied by more Flatliners film stills on Fandango.

In the middle of her junior year at Lake Highland Preparatory School, she moved to Los Angeles.

Six months later, she had a deal for a CD titled It’s Always the Innocent Ones.

Figlio di Edna e Robert Somerhalder, un imprenditore edile di origini francesi e inglesi, Ian è nato e cresciuto nella città di Covington, in Louisiana, assieme alla famiglia, composta anche dalla sorella Robyn Somerhalder.

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