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So I guess this is 100 percent our modern day equivalent to the whole “tortoise and the hare” story, but, like, way cooler, since there are two tortoises and also they're in love. -Brand) Pay-Per-View Event Airdate: Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 Location: The Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Results by Adam Martin of The “Then. As of now, the plan is still set to have Brock Lesnar vs.But that didn't stop them from having the most hilarious conversation every couple of months when they “found the time.”Read along and kick yourself in the foot for not dragging out your last Tinder conversation for three years. Presidents' Day had me swamped recently, you know how it gets!

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Massaro continued to wrestle matches through the rest of 2005 and was involved in the annual Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal at Taboo Tuesday for her first shot at the WWE Women's Championship.

Massaro later aligned herself with Hall, and they feuded with Michelle Mc Cool and Marshall. debut match on July 21, when she teamed up with Hall to defeat Mc Cool and Marshall.

Separated from everything familiar, I relied on my drive and ambition as I lived on my own overseas.

I gave up a normal teenage life with my family and friends to pursue a dream, but what I have gotten in return is simply incredible.

Massaro's storyline feud with Wilson and Michelle continued over the next couple weeks, as the duo, along with their enforcer Victoria (dubbed as the "Skankateers" by commentator Jim Ross), made things difficult for Massaro.

The feud continued into WWE Homecoming, where Stratus and Massaro defeated Wilson, Candice, and Victoria in the first ever three on two Bra and Panties match by stripping all three of their opponents.

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Massaro made her debut in WWE after winning the WWE Diva Search in 2005.

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