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A friend had driven her there in his car and then left.

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Earlier in his career, he was sometimes credited as Bailey Luetgert.

He was a series regular on TNT's drama Saving Grace, in the role of Detective Butch Ada.

From his writings on the 2006 Duke lacrosse-team rape scandal, which gave the then–college junior national media exposure, to an alleged association with a white-nationalist advocate, William D. Around midnight on the evening of March 13, 2006, something untoward happened in the nondescript rental house at 610 North Buchanan Boulevard, right off Duke’s East Campus, where three of the university’s lacrosse team’s senior co-captains lived.

It was spring break, and Duke’s bucolic campus, in the heart of North Carolina’s Piedmont region, was quiet, maybe too quiet.

The lacrosse team had practiced that morning and afterward had met with coach Mike Pressler.

Since Duke’s cafeterias were closed for the week, Pressler doled out around ,000 in cash to the 46 players to pay for their meals and other sundries. to be exact, were performances by two “exotic dancers.” That afternoon, co-captain Dan Flannery called the Allure Agency, in Durham, and hired the women for two hours. They would be paid 0 each—money that the co-captains collected from some of their teammates, who put in each.

Following his departure from Longmire, he appeared in 2016 on the NBC fantasy-drama Grimm as Lucien Petrovich, leader of the Wessen uprising.

Chase appears in the fifth-season episodes "Eve of Destruction", "Key Move," and "Into The Schwarzwald".

Jay also starred in the campaign for Ralph Lauren’s 'Ralph love fragrance.' He has also produced music and is on Soundcloud as jayalvarrez.

Jay is well known for documenting his travels and thrilling sports adventures on You Tube, Instagram, and Vine.

Back in June of 2014, Biermann asked, “why does chase chrisley care so much about what I think of him” He replied, “that’s why I follow you” Earlier that year, Chrisley wrote a little advice as well. No matter who you are when you succeed people will always try to tear you down.

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