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” After being corrected, he replied: “They’re boyfriend and girlfriend? She’s an awesome woman, she’s going to be an awesome mum, as you’re going to be an awesome dad, so congratulations to both of you guys.” Cheryl and her close friend rapper Will.Cheryl, 33 announced her happy news on Mother’s Day weekend via social media, but since then she has remained quiet, clearly busy with her mummy duties.The photo showed Ross from Friends screaming, Liam and Cheryl became proud parents to their little boy on 22 March.Following the collision, the two singers were reportedly pictured clutching their faces with blood streaming from their noses as they sat dazed in the car.

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It really means a lot." Now the world waits for the new parents to announce the name of their precious little boy.

Until Liam Payne came along, Cheryl Cole wasn't all that lucky in love. I'm going to work at the park with the kids to get them off the streets.' She did the after-school program with the kids.""When the Black Eyed Peas first started taking off, I told her I was going to move her out of the ghetto. ' She said, 'Well, Willie, we paid $100 a month,'" the 41-year-old hip-hop artist recalled.

The pair were said to be left suffering bloody noses and whiplash last night, with the former Girls Aloud star reportedly being a front seat passenger in a £100,000 Cadillac that smashed into a parked car.

The crash occurred at 3.30am, with Will.behind the wheel as the pair left a Los Angeles studio following a day of recording together.

She said: "You all go through different stages of relationships, it's human nature, but we have never had massive bust-ups and we never had fallings out.

A partially-sighted singer, crowned the surprise winner of the Voice UK talent show, faces a challenge to convince the music industry that she can become a global star after Will.described her victory as “unexplainable”.But according to The Sun it was thought the Black Eyed Peas commitments would conflict with a Girls Aloud comeback so the plans were panned.In the meantime Cheryl is rumoured to be working with Usher and Christina Aguilera in a bid to relaunch her solo career later this year.To encourage his musical career, she sent him to public schools in affluent West Los Angeles.While attending John Marshall High School, he became best friends with Allan Pineda (stage name ap), who was also a future member of The Black Eyed Peas. Despite the use of electro and house music elements, will.prefers to separate the underground from pop.A day that now has a different meaning to me forever."After an outpouring of public good wishes for the famous family, Liam took to his Twitter page to thank fans.

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