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By Leo Barraclough LONDON — Chiwetel Ejiofor will be honored at the British Independent Film Awards on Dec. He will receive the Richard Harris Award, which recognizes an outstanding contribution to British film by…By Justin Chang A foreign-language Oscar winner gets a clever but workmanlike Hollywood retooling in "Secret in Their Eyes," a time-shuffling tale of murder, corruption, paranoia and the many varieties of obsession.

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"I can’t talk about that." That’s not a denial then? There has been a surge of interest in his professional and personal life, including paparazzi snaps of him and his long-term girlfriend, the Canadian model, Sari Mercer, doing ordinary things like shopping, something he had not really experienced before (although he was “not surprised”).

The moment Steve Mc Queen’s brutal slavery epic premiered at the Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals last year, Ejiofor was considered a shoo-in for the Best Actor Oscar nomination, and, by many, for the Oscar itself.

By Dani Levy Anyone who’s seen “Mary Poppins” knows what a bad Cockney accent sounds like. By Dave Mc Nary Condola Rashad has joined Chiwetel Ejiofor in Netflix's religious drama “Come Sunday,” with Joshua Marston directing.

But for the first time, British actors have ranked Dick Van Dyke’s “mockney” as the worst attempt at a U. Ejiofor stars as Carlton Pearson, a popular evangelical minister of the Higher…

He explained: "I don't know what all of these things mean yet.

In terms of stratification, fame, renown, all these things, it's like an ongoing process of trying to work out what it means.

"I am a bit daunted by him still," says the actor, who was born in 1977.

"It has always been a growing and changing relationship for me.

By Peter Debruge Although Marvel Studios' "Doctor Strange" offers very few insights into the childhood of its main character, applying what we know about bullying on American schoolyards, it's safe to assume it…

By Justin Kroll Chiwetel Ejiofor is in talks to play Peter the Apostle in the Weinstein’s Company and See Saw Pictures’ “Mary Magdalene,” sources confirmed to Variety. By Justin Chang If he hadn't already made a Prohibition-era Western called "Lawless," director John Hillcoat might as well have saved that title for "Triple 9," a modern-day heist thriller of unusually grim, coiled…

An actor known for his extraordinary ability to convey endless layers of emotion in a single, quiet glance, off-screen he is peculiarly indecipherable, controlled, his face a closed book.

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