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Sarah Crocker, portrayed by Naomie Thompson, was a teacher at Weatherfield High.

Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor) went to Weatherfield High for a parent meeting with Ms.

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Gerry Burton, portrayed by regular cast member Mark Chatterton, was Candice Stowe's (Nikki Sanderson) mother's perverted boyfriend.

He started to sexually harass her daughter, but whenever Candice told her mother what was going on, Marion didn't believe her.

This is the moment an enraged motorist began bouncing a Skoda up and down after being blocked in for two hours by the stranger whose driveway he'd parked on.

Mobile phone footage captures the driver and his friend trying to push the car out of the way after it was deliberately placed there to 'teach him a lesson'.

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But that great work, colossal as appears the plan on its first suggestion, cannot remain long unbuilt.

Its necessity for this very purpose of binding and holding together in its iron clasp our fast settling Pacific region with that of the Mississippi valleythe natural facility of the routethe ease with which any amount of labor for the construction can be drawn in from the over-crowded populations of Europe, to be paid in the lands made valuable by the progress of the work itselfand its immense utility to the commerce of the world with the whole eastern coast of Asia, alone almost sufficient for the support of such a road ...

She later confronted the selfish driver, who allegedly responded by saying that there was 'nowhere else to park'.

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