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These resources are part of a series ACCME is publishing to support implementation of the Menu of Criteria for Accreditation with Commendation, our mechanism for recognizing and celebrating organizations that excel as CME providers.There are 16 new commendation criteria, divided into 5 categories.It is necessary to either have access to a SFTP server, or install one for this step.

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“They don’t need information, and if we convey information as the primary currency in our CPD [activities], we’re redundant.

They don’t need that.” What they do need, he said, are opportunities to engage with their peers to solve problems, look at challenging clinical cases and questions, and get feedback.

Cons Executives consistently send the message that the average age is too high.

They want young millennials thinking they will reinvent the wheel.

“We are educators, not distributors of credit,” he said.

“We have to switch the clinicians’ mindset and create an environment in which they are moving to choose activities based on real needs, [activities] that help them build skills—cognitive, technical, and procedural—[activities] that help them deliver those outcomes, so that they’re not thinking about credit.

This file, placing your custom background image on the TFTP server, and selecting the new background on the phone.

See either the video or the written process below for details!

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