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Student loan debt is a grave concern in modern America.

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After you identify and separate your federal and student loans, you can begin to explore your loan consolidation options.

Consolidating your loans turns multiple student loans into a new loan with one payment, one interest rate, one term, and one lender.

The last section is dedicated to identifying the best private consolidation loans for those with a few different financial profiles.

There are two types of consolidation loans: federal and private, and they each come with distinct advantages and drawbacks.

One way to resolve a defaulted loan is to combine your existing federal student loans into a new Direct Consolidation Loan from the US Department of Education (ED).

Even if you have only one defaulted student loan, you may obtain a Direct Consolidation Loan to resolve the default.

Combining student loans doesn’t just simplify the payment process – it makes it easier to maintain control over the financial future.

We break down the consolidation process into four basic steps: Private student loans and federal student loans have separate consolidation procedures.

Student loan consolidation is an effective way to reorganize student debt when a person has multiple loans to deal with.

By consolidating several student loans, people are able to combine their loans into a single monthly payment, with a single interest rate, on a single term.

No origination fees in most states, no prepayment penalties.

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