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Earlier this year, Ralph revealed that he once met James Bond producers to discuss taking over the iconic role from Timothy Dalton in the 1990s - but now thinks he would have been 'terrible' in the role.Mr Fiennes, 51, who starred in The English Patient and played Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films, said he wasn't ready to commit to the part, and implied that a mutual decision was reached not to proceed.Developing the secure, fulfilling bond you deserve with your partner is hard work, but it is not impossible.

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All participants will be required to consult with their GP to confirm they are fit to travel.

Travel with archaeologist and Central Asian specialist, Iain Shearer, on this cultural expedition through mountainous Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, the highlights of which include: Overnight Tashkent (1 night) • Khojand (1 night) • Penjikent (2 nights) • Dushanbe (3 nights) • Kalai-Khum (1 night) • Khorog (2 nights) • Yamg (1 night) • Langar (2 nights) • Murghab (1 night) • Osh (1 night) • Lake Toktogul (1 night) • Bishkek (1 night) Cradled by the Pamir Mountains, source of the life-giving Oxus (Amu Darya) and Jaxartes (Syr Darya) rivers, Tajikistan is the garden of Central Asia.

The Pamir Highway (M41) is the second highest road on earth (next to the Karakorum in Pakistan) and the majority of the highway is in Tajikistan.

Our journey takes us through some of the most impressive mountain ranges on earth – the scenery on this drive is spectacular.

You can talk to your best friend without judgment or fear. This kind of connection cannot be rushed and it cannot be forced.

Friendship often blooms from exciting but low-pressure situations.A best friend is likely someone you have known for a long time. You had an initial connection based on common interests and enjoyment of each other’s company that grew into a solid, trustworthy, caring relationship.From this history, you have established a level of comfort so great that you can take risks and allow yourself to be vulnerable around your best friend.In some legal jurisdictions, domestic partners who live together for an extended period of time but are not legally entitled to common-law marriage may be entitled to legal protection in the form of a domestic partnership.Some domestic partners may enter into nonmarital relationship contracts in order to agree, either verbally or in writing, to issues involving property ownership, support obligations, and similar issues common to marriage.Learn all you can about what they like and dislike, have adventures and make each other laugh.

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